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Texas MUFON Section 6
meeting Agenda February 3, 2018

This Month: An Alien Introduction with Teri Lynge

Teri Lynge

Teri is a leader in all things strange and paranormal. There isn't much Teri hasn't studied when it comes to matters of the unknown. She approaches her studies with an open mind and no subject is to controversial to research. Her personal encounters started as a young child and have been consistent to this writing. Her desire to know truth, led her on a personal quest that has guided her to this day 44 years later. She experienced a very powerful spiritual happening in 1973 that changed her life! Teri found peace and happiness through her studies and still wanted to know more. Her personal extraterrestrial experience in 1979 changed everything she knew to be true and began a deeper study of what life was really all about beyond the veil of biblical doctrine. She has retired after 40 years in the Dental Management Field, and her years with Honeywell Aerospace in St. Petersburg Florida.

Teri is on the Board of Directors with MUFON (The Mutual UFO Network) and is the Director of Membership. She has served Florida MUFON as an Assistant State Director, State Section Director, F.I., Treasurer, Secretary and Star Team member.

She is a radio host and T.V. personality with Enigmatic Anomalies. Presenting E.A, News updates as well as E.A. T.V presentations and E.A. Radio.

She authors a Blog at Terilynge.com and shares her personal life encounters. She is available locally in Florida for home cleansing and anointing with her gifts of discernment through demonology.

You can reach Teri Lynge at: etlyngessdmufon@gmail.com or youtube.com/user/EnigmaticAnomalies

Her Florida Meet-up site can be accessed at www.meetup.com/Florida-MUFON

In addition to all of the above, Teri is working on a Reality TV show. The show is not about MUFON, rather it is about her and her husbands life and experiences. I think it's pretty cool and it gives you a little peek into who she is. Check out the sizzle reel here.

As you can see, Teri is quite a special person. She has somehow found time in her very busy schedule to spend some time with us during our February meeting. Her presentation will be called "An Alien Introduction" which is about her first encounter with two crafts and a tall white.

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