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meeting Agenda November 3, 2018

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Recent UFO News with Clayton Kettle

Book Report with Marilyn Goff
Crop Circles: The Greatest Mystery of Modern Times
by Lucy Pringle

Crop Circles
Who is making them and What do they mean?
with Dr. Horace Drew
Dr. Horace Drew

Horace grew up in Florida during the 1960's. Later he took a Ph.D. in Chemistry at Caltech in 1981, where he did several of the first high-resolution x-ray structures of DNA. He next spent five years 1982-1986 doing post-doctoral research on DNA and chromosomes at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, England. Then he moved to Australia in 1987 and has lived there ever since, while working as a Senior Research Scientist in the national science organization CSIRO for 23 years (1987-2010).

Besides his x-ray work on DNA, Horace helped to develop several gene-therapy or PCR diagnostic medical techniques, and was part of the CSIRO team which won a Eureka Award in 2017 for medical innovation. He has also co-authored a graduate-level textbook titled "Understanding DNA: the molecule and how it works" (three editions 1992, 1997 or 2004).

During the 1990s, he led a small, private scientific group which analysed possible "alien DNA" samples in collaboration with Australian UFO investigator Bill Chalker.

Horace became interested in "crop circles" in 2002, after a large and complex image of "curved DNA" related to one of his DNA theorems appeared mysteriously in crops near Crooked Soley in southern England.

Dr. Horace Drew will join us via Skype and give an overview of famous crop pictures from previous years 1996-2017, and also discuss new crop pictures from 2018 (if there is time). He will further try to explain why so many (thousands) of authentic crop pictures have been drawn over the past 30 years, and what some of them seem to mean?

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