September Meeting:
The Secret Space Program
with Tony Rodrigues
September 7, 2019

Tony Rodrigues

After a couple of hot summer months off, we are back!

Join us for our September meeting where Tony Rodrigues will be our guest via Skype. Tony will discuss the Secret Space Program, his abduction by Aliens and so much more.

As a child, after insulting a fellow classmate whose father was a member of the Illuminati, his life took a terrifying turn: Suddenly, he was abducted by aliens - and kept for 20 years. During his captivity, Tony describes how he was forced into slavery, fought in combat against several races of extraterrestrials, and was satanically abused by his handlers. After serving two decades as a slave, he was returned home... as a child.

Tell your friends and spread the word!
Our regular meeting day will be the FIRST SATURDAY of every MONTH, at the same time: 4:00-6:00pm, at the same location:7026 Old Katy Road Suite 264, Houston, TX 77024.

Please download the 2019 meeting calendar from this link and put it on your refrigerator! I will also have printed copies to hand out at the meetings.

There will be light snacks and drinks at the meeting. After the meeting we will go over to the Flying Saucer for a little while for dinner. This place has some good food, a great atmosphere and of course an incredible beer selection (and iced tea and soda for those who do not drink!)

Finally, We do not have a membership fee so we are asking for a $5.00 voluntary donation per person at the meeting. You are NOT required to donate. This money goes to pay for drinks and snacks at the general meeting, for the Meetup site fees, for any other expenses related to running the meetings and helps us to fund events. The books are completely open on this and I will have a spreadsheet of the account available at the general meetings if anyone is interested.

I hope to see you at the meeting and please get there a little early so we can get started. Don't forget to BRING A FRIEND!

As always, Keep your eyes to the skies!