May Meeting:
E.T. Contact film screening and discussion
with Caroline Cory
May 2, 2020

Due to Corona Virus the May meeting will be Live Streamed only.

The meeting will be at it's regular time 2:00-4:00 pm.

WE WILL NOT BE AT Fuzzy's Pizza!

Please join us on our Facebook page for the live stream.

Caroline Cory

Caroline Cory is an award-winning filmmaker, futurist and the visionary author of best-selling books on Consciousness and Energy Medicine, topping the charts of Consciousness Science and mystical literature. As a child and throughout her life, Cory has had numerous E.S.P (extra-sensory) and pre-cognition experiences, which led her to become deeply connected to existential topics, the study of Consciousness and the mechanics of the universe. After teaching Energy Medicine and consciousness work for over a decade, Cory founded Omnium Media, an entertainment and media platform that tackles various thought-provoking topics on the human condition and the nature of reality. In addition to writing and producing, Cory continues to lecture and coach internationally on various mind over matter subjects and appears regularly as a guest expert on supernatural phenomena at major conferences and television shows including The UnXplained with William Shatner and History Channel's popular series the Ancient Aliens. Among several recent accomplishments, Cory’s latest film AMONG US has won 9 film awards and 2 nominations at various festivals around the globe.

You can check out some of her work and follow her on Facebook at these websites At our May meeting Caroline will screen her award winning film "E.T. Contact" followed by discussion and she will tell us about her new film "Superhuman" that will me released in June.

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Our regular meeting day will be the FIRST SATURDAY of every month, at the same time: 2:00-4:00pm.

Due to Corona Virus precautions and until further notice, all of our meetings will be live streamed online only and we WILL NOT be meeting at Fuzzy's.

Please download the 2020 meeting calendar from this link and put it on your refrigerator! I will also have printed copies to hand out at the meetings.

I hope to see you at the meeting and please get on the stream a little early so we can get started. Don't forget to TELL A FRIEND!

As always, keep your eyes to the skies!